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Who are you?

Hello! I'm Michael, but I also go by Finn.
I'm a teenage boy who looses himself in art and music all too much and loves to fall hours into various
fictional universe. I absolutely adore fictional
worlds, I find them so unique and each as one of
their own experience that I love to explore and
learn from. Besides for that, I can't really say I'm
all too interesting, but if I think of more to say
about myself, I'll be putting it here. : )

Do you have any interests?

I'M GLAD YOU ASKED!!! Mega Man is currently the source I loose myself in the
most, and I love all the games and content I've seen and played so far with
such a passion. The games might have quite a few inconsistencies, and might
not be written the best (I'm looking at you Capcom.) but that's where I come in with paragraphs and paragraphs of headcannons and fannon ramble to patch up those holes. If I could talk about the Mega Man timeline and all the Pros and Cons it has, I would for all eternity. This isn't just restricted to sewing up
the story of course, but also doing deep studies of characters that would
otherwise have no personality outside of their respective plot device roles
or comic dialogue. Roleplay and rambles come in particularly handy for this, so I can spend hours (or months) on those two things. Besides for Mega Man, I've recently been looking into Omori, so that's a new interest on the table, so
exciting! With fandom interests aside though, my hobbies include occasionally making art and binging the same 5 songs over and over again. Animation is also a really big part of what drives me career wise. I don't know if I'll be able to
take the tough road of that path in the future, but I'm so obsessed with the
idea of making a whole world from just a few lines that I want to try my
hardest to see it though.

What's this website for?

I made this page as a way to break away from the various restrictions and
stress of traditional social media. The past year a lot of us have been wired
to our computers due to situations in the world, and that time has allowed me to realize that I'm not all too comfortable on many social media sites. The
pressure of making perfect art every time, impressing people, or the
embarrassment from not making a good piece or taking too long to post is
definitely something that plagues me, so i hope to use this place as a way of
letting myself use as much self expression and share as much art as i want!!!